Who We Are?

We are leading manufacturer of indigenous Medical Equipments. We specialize in Hydraulic (Manual) & Motorised (Electrical) Operation Theater Tables. Our Product Range includes State of the Art Operation / Surgical Tables (OT Tables) for all Surgical Branches, Orthopaedic / Fracture / Trauma Tables and Attachments, as well as Non Surgical Tables like Motorised (Electric) Labour Table, Motor Driven Examination & Sonography Tables etc.

Advantage SUMPS

Advantage People!

  • Highly Qualified Professional Technocrats in a Lean Company!

Advantage Experience!

  • Combined Experience of More Than 4 Decades in Engineering & Medical / Ortho. Field – All for your Benefit!

Advantage Quality!

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    Years Unconditional Warranty.
  • 3 Years O.E. Warranty for All Electrical / Electronic Brought Out Components.

Advantage Warranty!

  • "No-If-and-But" Warranty - Unconditional Response to Calls!
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